Important Dates:

Pre-professionals Conference: 2/2/19
The mission of the Nebraska Association of Teachers of Mathematics is to enhance the teaching and learning of mathematics by fostering professionalism, cultivating leadership and facilitating communication among educators.
Pre-Professionals Conference
Keynote Speaker:
Sat Feb 2 - Sat Feb 2, 2019
Henzlik Hall - UNL City Campus, Lincoln, NE

Registration fee will be $10 (collected on-site), we will have a welcome/keynote, followed by a series of concurrent sessions, and a short closing. Morning snacks will be provided.

Registration is at:

This conference is appropriate for anyone becoming or interested in becoming a mathematics teacher (elementary, middle, high). Some sessions that are already confirmed include session(s) about working with ELLs, an educational tech session in the Design Studio/Maker Space, and a session on job search from a Human Resources professional.